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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
I wasn't comparing the two players I think SOB was a good influence on Weber. I think you made my point for me is that Weber wasn't the one that was being targeted and they concetrated on SOB That's all I said. Where was it that Weber was battling injuries and you have your links right? and he wasn't this year and what player doesn't battle with injuries during playoffs I'm sure it curtailed his overall effectivenes. But this year Weber was at a superstar level in the playoffs. When Weber as you say was hurt Hamhuis was being toyed with by Toews in front of the net and no one else was doing anything but being pushed around by the Hawks forwards. I never said that Weber wasn't a physical player that is why he is one of the coveted defenseman in all of hockey and I'm a huge Weber fan and watching intensly to see how it all turns out.If you have all this inside information on the Preds as you say you do was Sk hurt during the playoffs and I'm sure you do and wouldn't expect anything less from you.
I always struggle to follow along in your block of text...

I have no clue what point you believe I made for you. If you watched the series, the Canucks and Ducks both targeted Weber as much as O'Brien, but for different reasons. Weber they attacked to try to wear him down physically and emotionally. O'Brien they targeted because it was no secret that OB had a hand injury and a short fuse allowing them to goad him into penalties.

As for the Chicago series, it was evident watching the series that Shea was injured and then mentioned publicly by the team during the postseason...

I'm not claiming anything here. As for Kostitsyn, I have no clue what was up with him. We all saw him hurt early in the Anaheim series when he appeared to catch an edge in the corner, then return to the game to get drilled in the head. I'd assume he was hurt and that probably affected his play, but I also believe that it could have also made him a bit gun shy regarding contact the rest of the time too. Who knows?

I'm not claiming any inside info here, and if I did have it, I certainly wouldn't use it to argue here on a public messageboard...

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