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07-25-2011, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
i'm kind of amazed that the newer installments of Halo never really had the ability to aim down the sights like in COD, or other newer shooters.

and i never really saw the greatness of the online Halo play ...maybe it was good 8 years ago, or so, but by today's standards it's nothing special, imo. any time i ever tried it out, you basically had to empty all your ammo into someone's ass to weaken them and then run up and hit them with the butt end of your gun to finish them off.

either that, or you'd be tossing grenades at their feet while jumping around ...hoping for the best.

seems pretty boring online.

i did like the single player campaigns tho.

edit: oh, and another thing i disliked was that you couldn't sprint. just the same one speed all the time. so terrible at this point.
Well since all the weapons had scopes installed or no need for one (Needler), it would have been pointless.

Reach introduced Sprint in the from of the armor abilities.

If you can't throw a grenade at someone's feet and then shoot the guy, you just flat out suck.

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