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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
While i would welcome Sam and JD back in a heartbeat, i feel like they had their time and it was a special time. Its like an entity that has passed on.

Lets face it, Sammy's getting old, he isnt as sharp. JD is going to continue to build his Blues team - hes not the quitting type. But hey who knows a reunion would be great, but i dont expect it because JDs a stand up guy and he would never take Joe Ms job away from him.

That being said... how many years before Sam decides to hangem up? Turning 64 this month - hes got to be getting tired of the travel, etc, especially when you throw football in the mix. If i had to guess it would be a few years, i just think he loves his job, specifically the Rangers, too much to quit. Its a tough thing retiring. I'm watching my father go through it right now. Its incredibly bittersweet with unstoppable moments of reflection. A very emotional time... anyway - im going off on a tangent here.
Not an unwarranted tangent. You're right. My father is approaching retirement too. While he would love for it to be sooner than later it still has been a time of reflection. Retiring is a big step. Sam definitely loves his job. He loves calling the game and being around it. He seems to have great relationships with the players; he's always speaking with them before games for quick comments. He's got a great job, play-by-play guy for a team he loves. Original 6 team in the world's most famous arena (which he usually opens most rangers home games or used to at least). Hard to walk away from.

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