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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
You can spin it how you like but at the end of the day, we were eliminated in the first a team that had its share of "injuries".

Excuses are for losers.
Wow, that's what you had to answer??? Jesus, just admit you have no clue what you're talking about.
Don't try to save face.

I can spin it? I'm not spinning anything, I'm giving you cold hard facts. You don't want understand and acknowledge those facts. You also still did not answer to how Boston (and the rest of the league) have figured us out when we scored as many goals as they did.
If you want to be as stubborn as a 10yo child, that's your prerogative.

''Excuses are for losers'', who gave excuses and for what??? Jesus, try being a little rational instead of a bitter old fan.

You can admit to being wrong you know. People will actually respect you more as a poster if you do that instead of spewing out crap that has nothing to do with the post you're quoting.

BTW, Boston had one injured player, Savard. As opposed to Markov, Gorges, MaxPac, and later in the POs, DD and Halpern. But yea, you're right, definitely even. The loss of Savard equates our losses...
And those are not excuses, they are facts. You have to be a complete idiot to think our losses did not affect us more than Savard with the Bruins. You're not an idiot so you agree with this right?

Pittsburgh got eliminated in the first round, but they were without Crosby and Malkin. Who cares about those two anyways, excuses are for losers right??? :
Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Its all about philosophy. Do you want your team to be passive or do you want your team to be aggressive.

Boston won with aggressive play. Detroit won two in the last 10 years with stifling aggressive play. So did Pittsburgh.

We gave up odd man rushes last year with our passive play. Dont we have Carey Price back there for a reason?

We can continue to sag to the net again this year and have a repeat of last year. Or, Martin can open his eyes and use his biggest asset that he has....speed.

I guess we will see at the end of the season if Martin can deliver with his old school passive approach. We have no choice, eh?
Jersey won how many cups with their passive style??

And why exactly would we have a repeat of last year??? Don't you agree that we are better off than last season??? So why would our max potential be 6th/1st round exit if we got better??

Speed is an asset, that's about the only right thing you wrote in your last few post.
Martin uses it for the transition game, with guys like Markov and possibly Weber/Emelin and even Gorges, we improve by plenty on that front.

You simply want a 2men forecheck because you prefer it. Don't try to argue into saying it's a better way of winning, that's not even true and I'd be very happy to see you try to debate that. Please keep in mind that I actually prefer that style as well, it's a lot more entertaining, but one strategy isn't better than another. What is important is how your players adapt to it and how well the coach translates it to them. Clearly, our players have bought into it, and come PO time, no matter how short, our performance have exceeded expectations. Don't turn this into another ''Excuses are for losers'' childish comment.

You are not a better coach than Martin. That doesn't mean he's free of mistakes or criticism but to subtlety suggest that your way, Mr. Southern Hab, internet poster from the States that probably has no pro coaching experience (or maybe even none at all), is better than Martin's passive style, is extremely pretentious.

FYI, we were 9th in shots for per game in the NHL. For such a passive style, you have to wonder how we ended up there. Must be because we're shooting on the opposing goalie from our defensive zone. Ya, that's it.

I think it's been pretty well established now that you don't know much about what you're talking about. You should give it a rest.

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