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07-26-2011, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
You'd be surprised how common it is. When Reach was released I wnet to play with some people I had played CoD 4 and MW2 before and were about 1 KD ratio (or better) players there and they flat out stunk in Reach. They were utterly clueless on how to use armor abilities and and the game in general. There were several comments of "why the **** does it take to kill you so long?!" as it was painfully obvious these people had become brainwashed by the ADHD gameplay of CoD and it's hardcore mode and the fact that you couldn't succeed in it by camping in a corner due to larger maps and less corners to hide in.
Agreed. I'm sure a lot of people that claim that Reach sucked are avid CoD players and couldn't handle the differences or the transition between the two. I've seen it firsthand with a lot of my friends who as you said, are used to every gun being OP and being able to sit in a corner killing people, but getting destroyed in Halo.

Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
Halo has a much better team aspect in my opinion. Map and weapon control is crucial. You can't just spawn with a sniper, ghost, ninja ect and camp.
This. You can be successful on your own in CoD but you need your teammates if you want to win in Halo. I guess it's personal preference, but I love playing 4v4 TDM with my roommates online all of us in the same room, especially when we're matched up with another 4 person team and get to run several games with them.

Originally Posted by syz View Post
FPS have fallen further than I thought if we've gotten to the point where Halo is considered "hard".
It is when compared to CoD/MW.

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