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Originally Posted by PawelW007 View Post
^ woah a little touch there, don't you think" There are rich snotty people who sit in those levels, whats not to assume thats the stereotype? Not doubting your family works hard for your money, or that you don't appreciate the fact you get to see as many games as you do but to deny that a solid 70% of the people sitting down there don't really care isn't a far stretch.

I don't mean to make this a class battle but Ive snuck down there quite a few times and for the most part those sections are emotionless, cold, and snotty. There was a kid maybe 16 last time I went down there in mid November ( estimation) when the rangers were playing the Canes.He was wearing a Gilroy Team USA jersey (crappy fans wear crappy jerseys I guess) and the kid sat stoic throughout an exhilarating 3rd period, when he did speak he was insulting and cursing at his poor mother who probably provided those tickets and got annoyed when the crowd made sounds. I'll never forget the amount of disgust I felt sitting behind that jerk. For the record I scoped out the seats through 2 periods and sat down through the 3rd, didnt disrupts anyones viewing experience.

Regardless maybe you appreciate where you sit, as someone who travels 2 plus hours to a game with not as much means and then scream their lungs out til they cant speak, its a frustrating experience watching "the suits" not even care that they're at a game.
You do realize Gilroy is from Long Island, right? Could have been a friend of his family, a relative. I sat in the Devils player section at the Rock one game. My friend got tickets through Kevin Weekes. Next to me were Tommy Albelin's kids and a few rows in front of me was Brodeur's (at the time) new fiance. The people in those sections tend to be more low key.

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