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Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
Haven't read the boards in a while so not sure the real background here, but I did want to comment on her quickly. Now granted, Boyle's turnaround had several factors. But no doubt in my mind that her influence and training was the number one reason and it stood out quite clearly. I constantly paid attention to his skating throughout the year and everything about it was different from the past. His strides were so much more confident. His ability to skate and crash the net was improved ten fold. The whole way he went about his skating was vastly improved. There's no denying that in my opinion no matter how frustrated someone can be at hearing her name. She's great at what she does and was able to train Boyle in a way that improved his gameplay tenfold, period. Now granted, she may not have the same effect on any given person, but she is a pro at what she does and likely could help anyone who has similar skating problems. The physical part of hockey relies on solid skating ability more than almost anything else. So yeah, she did an amazing job on Boyle and should probably be hired as a NYR skating coach. Keep her away from other teams ya know? Tons of players on our team could benefit from her no doubt. But then I'd think that would be expected. She's great at what she does and is a seasoned pro at it. So why wouldn't she be able to help? Yeah she's that good. And I think it would be a bit ridiculous to not give her the credit due on Boyle. Aside from other personal improvements, his training with her was so clearly evident and what she did to improve his game is undeniable. So what the heck is wrong with giving her that credit? Just my two cents.
His skating looked more efficient too me... I think because he improved his form and body posture, he was exerting less energy with his strides and that enabled him to skate more efficiently... Also thought his agility and balance were subsequently improved, which helped his game quite a bit with the puck on his stick.

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