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07-26-2011, 02:22 PM
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So the only feedback on my "idea" so far is that DaveG is not opposed to it. Does anyone else have anything to add?

The point of the ATD and MLD is to give the best players of all-time their proper recognition. The 300-game threshold is a good idea in principle because it prevents some noob from coming in and messing with the integrity of the draft order, grabbing someone like John Tavares or Taylor Hall. It has worked in that regard. However, it needs to be revisited because it has also failed us because by the end of this draft we will have made 1355 picks and one player, Drew Doughty, should clearly have been among them, but he won't have been, because of this limitation. (if this was the usual MLD that took us just to pick #1000 that would be another story, of course)

I am mentioning Doughty's name because although he is undrafted, he is ineligible to be selected under the current rule. I believe that everyone is well aware that he's available and that a good number of GMs would have selected him already if not for that rule. One noob with a hard-on for a young phenom is one thing, half a draft worth of experienced GMs is another. The rule is failing us now.

So, what could we do? Well, we could abolish the rule here and now, but how fair is that when Doughty would just be the next selection made, even though someone may have been willing to take him 100 picks ago? We could abolish the rule following the MLD, but all that does is guarantee Doughty is the 1st overall pick in the AAA; he goes to whoever is lucky enough to get 1st pick, and that GM then has a built-in competitive advantage (not that competition means anything to me personally at the AAA level)

My proposed solution, which I feel is both more fair and more fun, was to leave the rule intact for the rest of the MLD, but grant Doughty "exceptional player" status and allow him to be drafted. But since some feel he should already be drafted, those people can put their money where their mouths are and "bid" for his services by giving up someone they already drafted. Whoever gives up the highest-drafted player gets Doughty. Their dropped player then goes back into the "pool" and is up for bid by any other team willing to pay to get him (again, highest-drafted player wins). And so on, until a player is dropped whom no one is currently interested in (in this case that player would be available for re-selection later)

As commissioner, I am going to make an executive decision and unilaterally decide to go ahead with this if I don't get feedback advising me not to. So if you don't want this to happen, please say so, but I expect you to explain why it's bad. Here's why I think it's good:

- It gets Doughty drafted in the appropriate draft slot for right now (if you take him, remember, we're judging him as if his career ends NOW)
- If you're happy with your team and won't give up anyone to get Doughty, you can rest assured that whoever does take him, will be a team you aren't as high on. If you think a "good" team will snag him, remember they'll have to give up a high pick to get him, and if they're a good team then their high pick was a good player. This isn't "free Doughty", this is "Doughty at a hefty price".
- If you feel your team is lagging behind the others, particularly at defense, this is a great chance to drop a player you took earlier on that wasn't so well-received, to add a better player. (I fully expect Doughty to end up with a less-confident GM for this reason, and that's good - if you think your team is good, then this team isn't a threat to you, with or without Doughty)
- If you think that this upsets the draft order because it could have caused the draft to go in a different direction, remember that 1) this is for fun and the appropriate appreciation of Doughty is more important, and 2) you have the chance to snag whatever player(s) get(s) dropped in this process by bidding for them, so if it was all "meant to be", you will get your guy.
- As commissioner and originator of the idea, I will not participate in any player bidding. So rest assured there is no "funny stuff" going on.

Please let me know tonight if you are vehemently against it, otherwise bidding is on, and let's have some fun with this.

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