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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
If no one ultimately bids on Doughty, then I'll look like a fool...

But I don't think that will happen. I think everyone either didn't know about the rule, and thus wasn't even interested in Doughty until now, or they did, and have abstained from drafting him for that reason.

Yes, it would be a one-time thing. Doughty is the only exceptional player. Two other guys with under 300 games are arguable MLD picks but not shoo-ins like Doughty, and we can just abolish the rule in time for the AAA, and they'll go in there somewhere.

As for the rule, it was a VI thing (and yes, it wasn't just about playoff eligibility, it definitely means don't even pick him). I can see the merits of it, but if it prevents us from taking someone even after they're the BPA (as a few people may see it), then it's not working. I don't mind it in the ATD, but there has to be a pick# that we get to where the rule evaporates. 1000 might be where I'd draw the line.
For me, the merit of the rule is that it's just too soon to figure out how good an active player is if he's only played a couple of years, especially now that so many players start off at the age of 18.

I never really cared about limiting noob picks.

I honestly just assumed nobody was drafting Doughty because of VI's rants during the ATD about what a terrible pick he was last time.

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