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Originally Posted by Flyerfan808 View Post
You say "you see no reason he can't be a PPG player."

I show you that out of all the players who have ever played the game, only a handful of guys have ever actually done it at 39/40; and for some of them you've got to go back... WAAAYYYYYY back.

Is it impossible that he comes here and puts up a PPG? No, it's not outside of the realm of possibility.

Do I think Jagr will be one of those? No. I think it's much more reasonable to expect his ceiling to be an .8 clip (66 pts) or a .7 clip (58 pts).

Also I'm not so sure that playing in a "less greuling league and schedule" in the KHL has better prepared him better for the punishing, two-way, 82 game season in the NHL.

I wish I could share you optimism, but I have far too many doubts.
You do realize that the only guys in NHL history who have won more Art Ross trophies than Jagr are named Gretzky, Lemieux, and Howe, right?

Jagr is one of the top offensive talents in the history of the league. It is not unreasonable to expect 70 points out of him, nor a PPG. He scored 71 points in his last year in the NHL on a club that had an absolutely wretched offense. You realize this is a guy who is 9th on the all time scorer's list, despite playing the last three seasons in Russia. There's a good chance had he stayed in the league he'd have been likely in the # 4 spot by now, within striking distance of the # 2 spot. Oh, by the way, he did a lot of that scoring in the DPE.

People getting indignant with others who think he can still score at a PPG clip in this league because his is a unique talent that simply won't disappear are being silly. You have your opinions and expectations and that's fine. There's easily a case to be made that Jagr is special enough of a player that he'll still score a ton. You can disagree, but don't act as if it's absurd to think that one of the great offensive talents in the history of the league can still play at 39.

Now will you guys please stop making me argue in favor of the player I hate more than any other player in the league.

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