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07-26-2011, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by alternate View Post
I'm not convinced this is such a positive. Ya, we don't want a 4th liner taking lazy hooking pemalties or stupid unsportsmanlikes. But when a guy is running around being physical shift after shift, he's bound to get the odd accidental elbow, charge or highstick, especially when he's 6'5" tall. And I actually want a fourth liner who pushes the edge, even if it means taking the odd roughing or instigating or cross checking. These kinds of calls can bewnefit the team if they're taken in the right way and at the right time.

I mean when Hordichuck was signed, the same thing was said about his discipline. Ended up that his lack of minor penalties wasn't a result of extraordinary discipline, but rather the result of Darcy not engaging physically AT ALL save for his scripted bouts vs other goons.

And before someone posts Hordy running over Turco, that play reinforces my point. Anyone think it was a bad minor to take? I still say this team needs a loose cannon that toes the line, even if it means taking some minor penalties. As long as they result from physical play, intimidation, or sticking up for teammates (including running the goalie) and not from stupididty or laziness, I'm okay having a fourth liner take some minors.
You can speculate all day about the reason why Bitz hasn't been thrown out of any games or taken (m)any majors, but the fact is that he's a huge guy who's been credited with about two hits a game in minimal ice time.

Anyone who doubts whether Bitz is a gamer can look at his fight card, the guy will go toe-to-toe with the heaviest of the heavies - including to stand up for his teammates - despite long odds at actually winning.

And for every Darcy Hordichuk (let me pause while the thought of Horny as a positive contributor sinks in...) there is a Ben Eager or a Dan Carcillo who are huge liabilities out there and cost their team games as often as they help them.

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