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07-26-2011, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
Holy ****. Did anyone just hear Rodger Brulotte on Melnick?

He went on for a good 15 minutes about how this is for real, and there's a group in place that's extremely serious about bringing a franchise to Montreal. Talked about how he was a skeptical when they approached him the first several times, and now he believes it.

He made it clear this was not a "rumour", that it was serious. And that if they get a plan together, they will go to Selig. They cited the Hippodrome as a place they would target as a playing field, and he brought up a recent study that Montreal would be a viable place for an MLB franchise.

There's a lot more he said, but in a nutshell...he's convinced they're going to make a play for a team, and with expansion likely coming, he said there was a chance that could be the window.
I wish I heard this interview...that will teach my to listen to The Team 990 all day at work!

Still an extreme long shot (although you never know if Tampa is in bad enough shape, the AL East would be a perfect fit...), but I'm glad there's at least some interest from people with money. This group really needs to publicize their efforts.

I need my Expos!

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