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07-26-2011, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by LandofLincoln View Post
I wouldn't trade Bolland for either Sedin. We'd just become Washington if that happened.

Interesting comment Washington with big gun high paid centers....but lacking...always good but missing something. Obviously both Sedins are better, but better offensively doesn't translate to overall impact.

I can't start a thread but if I could how about this...Is Marian Hossa still a top 50 player in the NHL? And how many years before Hossa is off the second line?

In a perfect world in 2 years.... 1st line Beach/Hayes Toews Kane 2nd line Morin Bolland Sharp

Hossa has averaged 62 games with the Blackhawks over 2 years. Can Hossa still hit 60 points or is he on his way digressing. Who will have more points this year Hossa or Bolland?
Yes, Hossa is easily still top 50, right at the end but there for sure. In two years, I see no reason why Hossa won't be putting up 50-55 points or to be more accurate, around .75 PPG for at least another 4-5 years. I also seeing him possibly having 1 or 2 years in that span where comes close to PPG in seasons of good health. I highly doubt in two years Beach or Hayes or any other wing prospect will be putting up 60 points with Hossa's great defense and puck possesion abilities to go along with his other high end abilities nevertheless extensive experience and hockey sense. He should stay in the top 6. I think in 82 games per year, Bolland is a 50 points player and potential Selke nominee in any given year who elevates his game in the playoffs. Both, along with Toews, are they real heart and soul of this team. They have to stay. Obviously Kane provides elite level offense, Sharp is a high end two way talent whose versatility helps the forward group out a lot, but Toews, Bolland and Hossa are, and IMO will continue to be this teams most rounded and best two-way hockey players for they next 4-5 years provided they all stay together.

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