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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
ive been following this for years. the Bolts and the Vikings for years have been the leading candidates to move to LA, because of their current stadium leases. ive been a life long Vikings fan and also a fan of the Bolts after college, when a bunch of us got season seats. as a result ive been interested to see what would happen to my teams.

the two teams that make the most sense are the Bolts and the Vikings. the Bolts came from LA and has a large fan base in OC and LA with the departure of the Lambs and Faders. the Vikings have a massive existing fanbase already in the SoCal area.

the 'Murph' in SD is a remnant of the old 60's cookie cutter multi-purpose facilities. imo the stadium should have been replaced 10+ years ago, but on going scraps with the city have gone no place. personally i'm surprised Spanos has never taken a more hard line with the city in order to get a new stadium. iirc he couldnt because of the lease agreement and its expiration.

the Murph needs to be retired asap. the great city of SD needs a world class facility. the fact it can host Super Bowls because of the weather every 3-5 years is a very strong reason. the fact the Bolts have a large and very hardcore fanbase that has grown up with the team i think will keep the team in the area. it may not be SD proper, but other cities like Chula Vista are putting out proposals. ultimately this gets done and the Bolts stay where they should.

the Metrodome was a needed solution in MN at the time. the old Met the Vikings played in (along with the Twins) was a converted-upgraded minor league baseball facility. i went to quite a few games back in the 70s and it was awful. not to mention the fact it had low capacity and was outdoors. the Metrodome came about just after we moved from MN in the early 80s and was an immediate upgrade. at the same time it was like most high tech items these days. outdated by the time it opened for business. by the mid 90s it was outdated and the 'new' stadiums being built then blew away the Homerdome.

MN i hate to say it is a very cash strapped state, a welfare state to be honest. it has never been able to recover from the loss of jobs/revenue from the manufacturing, mining and timber industries dating back to the 70s and 80s. i was shocked that the UofM got a new stadium before the Vikings. the Twins i understand, but the UofM over the Queens. come one now. the Twins are popular statewide, but the Vikings are THE state's team. with the exception of the intermixed GB fans along the state lines with WI (dont even get me started on that). the MN-GB rivalry is downright nasty and heated. i live in chicago, bears fans try and make the GB and CHI rivalry to be big. they have no idea. a friend of mine that is a lifelong GB fan laughs at CHI fans when it comes to it. GB fans dont want to see the Vikings leave because of the rivalry.

ok back on subject......MN simply doesn't have the money to build a stadium. but now they are at a critical juncture, because the contract with the Vikings ends after this season. the state simply CANNOT afford to lose the team. the money the team produces, the jobs the stadium would provide is money and jobs the state needs. the state has rode this out as far as it could without having to 'pony up' the funds. with the contract set to expire, they seem to really be looking to resolve this. the new site will be north of downtown MSP in Arden Hills. the Wilf family has pledged ~$400M of the reported $1B to build the facility. i think this gets done finally and the Vikings stay in MN.

if the Vikings do move to LA it will have an immediate HUGE fan base. it won't be LA people excited to now have a NFL team. it will be existing Vikings fans. SoCal overhaul has a massive amount of MN transplants. outside of MN, the 2nd largest Vikings fanbase fan club is - you guessed it, in the LA/OC/SD area. i remember going to Rams-Vikings games at the Big A and it was at least a 60/40 split (rams/vikings) of fans. like i said though i think the Queens stay in MN where they should be. if they don't it will be a very tough ticket to get between transplants (like my dad) and new fans lining up for tix.

the Bills i've only heard a few reports concerning them, but again it comes down to an old stadium. lack of cash for a new stadium. very devoted fans. a stadium that has already been renovated and is at max capacity. hmmmm sounds like SD and MN all over. not sure where the Bills are in their lease with the city/state/county that runs the stadium, so i couldn't speculate.

the one team that personally i think leads the pack now to relocate to LA are the Jags. they have the most current stadium, so it's nearly impossible for the owner(s) to play that trump card. the thing was built in '95, so it isn't that old. the bigger issue they have is attendance. the team has struggled with this for years now. they may have turned this around last season, but time will tell. sounds eerily similar to Rams flight to STL by G Frontiere.
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