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Originally Posted by walsy37 View Post
I personally talked with Bob Dupuis in very early September of 2003 about staying in Montreal. The 'spos were 2 or 3 games back of the Marlins at the time (still pisses me off that Loria/Samson @$$holes got a world series) and they had just had that most amazing series against the Philies at the Big Owe (remember that 8 run deficit game - read for some awesome memories). Attendance at that series was only OK for a team in the thick of the wildcard. Bob told me that despite all the publicity around the team and the earlier attempt at contraction, MLB was having a tough time selling the team. They were begging people in Montreal to buy the team and absolutely would have sold it just to be rid of MLB's ownership, which was turning out to be a huge headache. They received 0 interest, no one entity stood up and even expressed any desire to keep the team. Do you really think they are going to turn around any time in the near future and somehow forget all that?
I was at that 8 runs comeback and it is definitely my best live sport memory ever.

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