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Originally Posted by zack7687 View Post
You have the option to park in a paved lot, for a price, but does it not seem worth it? You knowingly wore a $100 (omg that's sooooo much money) to a mud filled parking lot, then complain because they got muddy! Seems like you are the idiot here. You complain about a $40 park pass, or $3 to park in a PAVED parking lot, but at the same time can afford to buy a "$100 pair of shoes." Maybe you need to keep your shoe budget to $97 or $60, or just wear an old pair of shoes.
You don't understand. I'll try and bring it down a little lower...

In Fargo, 75% of the lot is paved. Except when it is half covered with snow that they refuse to move. They just pack it into the "corners" of the lot, taking up about 50% of that lot.

The other 25% is complete mud that they will not pave. You see in Fargo, we get a lot of snow. Then it melts and the ground soaks up the water, so it becomes mud. It's science.

I was a season ticket holder. I bought a parking pass.

This parking pass does NOT entitle you to a spot in the paved lot. It's whereever the hell the frat kids want to guide you. If the paved lot is full, because, god forbid I don't want to get to a junior hockey game an hour early... I am forced to park in the mud lot.

Oh and if both lots are full, they force you to park on the street, about a half a mile down the road. Oh yea and you have to pay to park on the public refunds if it's full...and who's counting the spots? Certainly not the frat kids!

I don't know where your rant about me not paying to park came in because errrrrrrrr, I bought a parking pass.

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