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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
I'm a lot more into systems than I am motivation, but you simply cannot blame him for the fact that a player like Wolski, or Zherdev, is inconsistent. That is not his failure. His failure is in concluding that he couldn't tolerate Zherdev's issues anymore. That's different than blaming him for Zherdev's inability to get rid of those issues. Some players are unreachable. No coach, no matter how smart, can reach everyone, especially not without devoting less attention to the rest of the team, which IS NOT AN OPTION.
I've never blame him for Zherdev or Wolski not being an elite performers. My beef with Torts is exactly highlighted part.
Wolski was one of the best players of Noth America of his age group when he was with Bramton. Same was Grachev with same junior team. All of the sudden both players lost mental ability to play the game they both easily dominated? I do not believe that. Sure everything is possible, but there is also well known issue of player misuse due to coach inability to do X and Os well. Rangers are overdue for coach upgrade at Hartford, IMO.
Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
You said there were examples of the opposite. I'm still waiting for one.
You got my point and just looking to pick up the fight knowing it would be hard for me to be flawless is defending it. I'm not going in that trap.
Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
I can give you countless examples of some of the league's best coaches not being able to convince an "enigmatic" player to play the game the right way and do so consistently. One close to home? How about the same Zherdev with Ken Hitchock. Hitchock is one of the league's best tacticians, much higher in that regard than Tortorella.
Bad example, since Hitch has never gave up on Zherdev and I heard him saying good things about the guy. Tyutin was a better value, just that. All he was saying was that Z cannot carry the team, which is true. Zherdev is a secondary scoring source we missed in the season when he went to KHL and we didn't make the playoffs. He is not an elite, but he has never been replaced as Frolov and now Wolski were not what Torts would like.

Let m suggest why is that. Torts philosophy is very simple: Give me a good goalie, defense and elite first line that could score and I will take care about destroying the opponent's game with my plumbers. That is why Wolski is not in Tort's plans. He has no or very little idea how to use him as there is no defined place for the player like that in his system. Same for Zherdev, Frolov, Lisin or whoever who is neither elite or plumber. That's why I insist WW will be bought out since it is possible to get a cheaper guy for Torts dog house.

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