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Originally Posted by butteryslugz View Post
woah slow down buddy! kopi is only 23, and hes played under terry murray,one of the most defensive minded coaches, for his whole career (correct me if im wrong) he played .. he is a special talent and i cant think of many centers who are capable of matching his point totals playing under terry murray
He played two seasons under Marc Crawford, the anti-TM, but point taken. I agree that TM's offense is pretty conservative but I ask: what centers who currently outscore Kopitar would no longer do so on a TM team? I don't know that any of them would. I think that very good players (including Kopitar) figure out how to score their points in whatever system they are in, and I think the TM effect is largely overblown.

and as for the point you made about perry and sedin, ray emery stepped up and stole many games for the ducks down the stretch, and dont forget players like visnoski, ryan, koivu, selanne.. and as for the canucks, they are deep as *******. you cant say it was just perry or sedin who saved their teams. if kopi didnt get hurt he would finish with about 80 pts and if kopi adds "just" 10 points to his 80 pts, that would be a total of 90 pts which would be sixth most pts according to last seasons totals. and yet you are saying that would make him a very good player as if he isnt a very good player already!?
Kopitar is already a very good player. Quite possibly a top 10 center in the league. I'm not saying he's a bum because I don't think he'll win the Hart, or else there'd be an awful lot of bums in this league. My assumption is that Kopitar is "now a Hart trophy candidate" because he's got more talent around him, and I don't think that has anything to do with the Hart. It might make him an Art Ross candidate, or a Richard candidate. But I think the Hart is more about a subjective (ie, highly debatable) decision about what player lead his team to unexpectedly high grounds with a brilliant personal performance. The fact that we have a better team to me seems like it would detract from, rather than increase, his chances of the Hart, because he'll presumably have more help now and won't need a brilliant personal performance for the Kings to make the playoffs. But like I said earlier, if he comes out and scores 120 points and is a dominant figure at both ends of the ice, absolutely give him the Hart. I just don't think that'll happen, or at least that it won't happen BECAUSE of his new supporting cast. We'll see.

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