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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I can't think of a single drafted MLD defenseman who was only top-4 in ES icetime on their team once. Even Tom Bladon, who we talked about as a specialist a few weeks back, has five instances by my count
You still can't think of one.... because according to, Berard was top-4 in ES TOI/game every season he played from 1998 to 2004, which is 6 seasons in a row.

He was top-2 in overall ice time 5 times.

Originally Posted by jarek View Post
I'd say it would be wise to be careful how these stats are used.. namely, provide context. I think seventies did that with naming the players who played more than Berard (and that was quite damning in and of itself). I just don't think that the most ES TOI/G on your team among D means you were the best defensively.. or the best at anything really. A lot goes into those decisions, including things that have nothing to do with hockey.
That's if you believe his information. The numbers I found on were not even close to what he provided in his post.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post

no turning back now. He's a mentioned undrafted player.
That is what he should remain. A named undrafted player.

Keith Brown is now available and dropped. Drew Doughty "was" selected at pick #187 by Billy.
He was not selected, because the rules say he in not eligible. We made a mistake, and we know better for next draft. Stacking mistake upon mistake doesn't help.

If this actually goes through, you should probably start looking for somebody to take over my vacant GM spot.....

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