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Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
Once he was half-blind, definitely. Before that, I'd compare him to Campbell.

It's just that two season career doesn't really mean squat. The Caps' goalie I mentioned is a proof of that. I'll take a consistent if unspectacular Brad Stuart over a two-year wonder.
Campbell was a 2nd team All-Star.

Brian Berard was just finally becoming a solid NHLer when the eye injury happened. I remember Berard's career - he was looking to be a bust and a lot of people thought the only reason he kept getting chances was because of where he was drafted. Finally was starting to look like a good top 4 defenseman and then the injury happened.

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
You still can't think of one.... because according to, Berard was top-4 in ES TOI/game every season he played from 1998 to 2004, which is 6 seasons in a row.

He was top-2 in overall ice time 5 times.
You appear to be right about this one. The season before the eye injury, he averaged 23:35 minutes per game.

Edit: How much PP time did he have? 70s numbers were ES time, apparently:

He's been such a heavy PP specialist, in fact, that his TOI figures are inflated, and he was a never better than his team's #4-7 defenseman at even strength (which are all slots he occupied in teams' depth charts throughout his career), aside, strangely, from the last 2/3 of the 1999 season after coming to Toronto, when he received #1 minutes from Quinn. (But he became increasingly frustrating and was the #3 in the playoffs and #4 the next season until the injury)
It's not strange at all that 1998-99 was his best season from an ice-time perspective. He was 21 and finally rounding into becoming a solid defenseman. The eye injury happened in March, 2000, and he basically became a specialist after that.

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