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I use 3/4 to 1 inch depending on what ice I am on meaning hard fast ice I use the 3/4 inch and soft slow ice I use 1 inch. I don't like the blade to feel like it is catching and being edgey on soft ice.

I'm also a big guy at 6ft 4in and 245lbs and any cuts too shallow I dig in way too much. The shallower hollow allows more speed. It depnds on your style really in my opinion. I'm not a quick cut stop and start type fancy player. I'm a defensive forward or play defense.

I see lots of players intentionally dull a new sharpening and if you are doing that then you have the wrong hollow. You shouldn't have to do that if your skate is set up correctly for your height and weight. Some guys like that .... Savard for the bruins said in an interview that he uses an old copper penny when they were actually copper and he slides the penny down the length on the blade twice to take the fresh cut off but not dull them. The flat side of the penny touching both edges at the same time if you know what I mean. I tried it for a couple of years because I used to dull my blades on purpose until I ran into my friend who sharpened skates for a Quebec Major Junior Team when they were there for home games. He set me up and we tried several different sharpenings until we found the one for me which took some time but it worked, no more dulling on purpose and optimized my speed on the ice.

Most skate shops cater to teens and kids so they use a really deep hollow so newbies to hockey take note and make sure you get what is right for you. That takes experimentation and a few sharpenings to find it as well as a proshop that won't look at you stangely when you ask for a custom cut.

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