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07-28-2011, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
Goalies do not win you games. I don't care who says "X stole that game for us", a goalie's job is to give his team the best chance to win. It is NOT to actually win the game. It is never a single player or action that wins a game. Ever. Goalies don't even deserve all of the credit for a shut out. Sure they deserve to be recognized, and likely deserve the first star of the game. They don't deserve all of the credit, though.
Someday we're going to have to have a 0-0 24-round shootout or something similar in which the opposing goaltenders can take shots just to make this seem silly.

(Honestly, I completely agree. But that perverted scenario was what leapt to mind as soon as I read it, so... )

Remember - when you're a hockey fan, it's not "reckless driving", it's "good forechecking".
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