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07-28-2011, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
You and every other fan in the National Hockey League. Who wouldn't want to trade a handful of quality non-superstars for a superstar?

Anyways, I think Weber must stay. Star defensemen keep the team competitive.
Originally Posted by gopreds9 View Post
To those saying we should trade a package of picks and prospects for Parise: We wont take a package for Weber, they wont take a package for Parise. If Zach is leaving, Shea or Ryan are going back.
In a vacuum, I think that's true.

That said, Columbus traded a package of non-superstars/picks for a superstar. They could do that because Philly was looking for cap room (putting aside the Dry Island stuff).

Similarly, I think Nashville could obtain Semin from the Capitals with a package that started with Colin Wilson if they so desired. The Caps would be getting a pretty safe bet for the top six, while getting a lot of cap room (something they don't have a lot of). Nashville would have to add, and maybe a lot if Semin came with an extended contract, but I believe it could be done.

If Weber gets a short term contract, and then shows signs that he plans on leaving, I can certainly believe that Poile would accept a package of non-superstars in a couple of years if he couldn't do better.

Situations matter, and there are cap concerns in New Jersey with Parise's next contract as well as the potential concern over a potential one year contract with Parise. That said, I'm not confident (as I mentioned before) that a package centered around Wilson would get you Parise.

Eh, just my contrariness coming through.

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