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07-28-2011, 12:26 PM
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Not a bad overall analysis, we are having the worst prospect pool since a long time now. But there are holes like that in every team on different time of their existence. Our holes are being made because of the youngsters that are with the team here COUPLED with the dealing of picks we have done to patch things up and the 1st rounders that didn't pan out OR was traded....

But to me, Kristo at #7 MAKES NO SENSE. Yeah, he forces plays sometimes. And the reason why is that he should stick to what he does best which is being a shooter. But he tries to accomodate his linemates and when there's a lack of finish, he then tries to do everything by himself. Which is something, if he's somewhat intelligent, will learn to trust the guys he'll play with in the NHL will would evidently be much better than who he was playing with.

See....Kessel is a guy some people might be worried as far as hockey sense is concerned....I know though that hockey sense, like I keep saying, is often something that will stop you from being an NHL'er IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN EXTRAORDINAIRY QUALITY....something I believe Kristo has and will continue having. Kristo will be a top 6 player soon. Something that I will agree with the author, I don't see Leblanc becoming....and both Leblanc and Tinordi picks...that's more troublesome than anything. Mostly because it adds to the 1st rounder picks who MIGHT NOT reach the ceiling some thought they could have. YET, IT IS VERY VERY VERY EARLY in each guy's respective career, but if an analysis has to be made RIGHT NOW, which is a fun exercice to do but worth so much, I also saw a very poor Tinordi this year. Slow decision after another, not always at the right spot, no offense (even though I knew it was never going to be his game), often outsmarted...let just say it was not the start we anticipated. While not the same type of player, let just say some anticipated the kind of start in his OHL career like John Carlson had, and I'm even not talking about the offensive side of his OHL career, but how composed and solid he was.....My main concern with Tinordi is like I've stated a lot....can't believe we traded to get a guy like him when other guys will eventually end up having the same type of career if not better like my pal in Michigan who is supposed to be sooooo disruptive. We will see. And you end up with a 2nd rounder that Timmins might have work his magic with. Strange how things work sometimes.....some in here and clearly the league and the organization believes Timmins is all that and especially AFTER the 1st round and yet.....we cancelled a whole lot of occasions lately when he could have worked his magic....

As far as Leblanc, well he gets the things done but I really don't see him improving enough so that he ends up a top 6 player. A great 3rd liner? Sure. Again though, not sure that's what you have in mind with your 1st rounders especially with who was available. But I guess that Timmins had no choice....

As far as Beaulieu is concerned, the doubters will be really really surprised. This guy is the real deal. And might even have the career in the NHL that Carlson is actually having. I believe in this kid that much. A great solid pick by Timmins though it was THE pick to made. With him falling like that, this guy was THE only pick. And he made it. Still kudos to him.

Emelin: A rollercoaster ride. I saw this guy being an hero at the Worlds Juniors and then I saw him totally regressed from see him ressuscitate. So I have no idea what to think. He will have to adjust his game though might be better suited for a NA rink. But he will have to improve his decision making defensively. And will have to tone it down just a bit with his aggressiveness. Will also have to move his feet way more, saw him coasting too much defensively. Though it's really really tough to address if his bad outings were due stricly to himself or to his coach's demands. 'Cause at one point, he seemed way too tentative but then you saw his other teamates D who seemed to have all the latitude he could while he didn't seems to have any.....So truly a case of being patient with him and see how he improves. But is clearly a great prospect to have. boy. Loved the guy in Michigan. Still loves him....But his inability to put some weight and strength on his frame is problematic. Might even make him a great....AHL'er for life. Still time to improve 'cause he has a lot of intangibles. Not sure he fits at #3. At least not how I'm seeing things. Are we rating the prospects based on how soon they'll play? On how big their impact could be at this time? Palushaj is more ready than any of those guys behind...not sure he'll have more impact though. And even when I say ready, the physical aspect is still a lot to work on.

Avtsin: Well for me, it's all in, wait and see game. It could go either way. And this year, it's his year. He needs to be a regular. And he needs to improve his defensive game. 'Cause the coach is Clément Jodoin. You KNOW you have to improve defensively.

Mitera: Well another favorite of mine (sorry, my bias from Michigan). Can't believe this kid is not in the NHL yet....and that's what problematic for me. If he was about to make it, his physical package had to be enough to be considered as a regular as soon as next year....which he won't be. And was let go on top of that. So a fresh start might be what the doctor ordered. I still believe he can make it....might never turn out as a top 4 as I thought....but a depth player, could be the analysis to make.

Naatinen: Let's pray that his faceoff skills still remains great.....'cause that's what he has a great quality. Though he will become Jodoin's favorite guy, big and really good defensively...but you hope he buys a speed or 2 'cause he'll never make it if he doesn't.

Bournival: Another 3rd and 4th liner that will make it. It's not IF he makes it, it's when. But the impact is what's at stake here. I have confidence in him. But I don't see him as a top 6 player.

So again, the Habs, in a time when they don't have a lot of names in their prospect pool, are filled with POTENTIAL 3rd and 4th liners....with a few guys that might make an impact as top 4 D or top 6 forwards. But they are a minority....Yet, the drafts aren't cancelled. If we keep our picks, Timmins can work his magic in the upcoming ones.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, the analysis we have NOW, is not exactly what will happen in the future. There will be surprises and deceptions....and maybe not to the guys we think it will happen to. Fun to make our impressions now, and for my favorite WEWILLSEEISTS....this time, they are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

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