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07-28-2011, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by jeffl97 View Post
I asked this in the other thread, but didn't get an answer. How do bonus clauses affect our internal cap hit? Because if they are included then we're already over.

I'm not sure where you are getting 52.3. My numbers are based off of 23 players with the only one unsigned (Selanne) I put as the same as last season. If you didn't include Selanne then that could be one reason why we are off.

If someone could clarify bonus clauses and how they factor into our internal cap hit that would be great.
I'm going off the 19 players Capgeek have so far in the big club. The 52.3m is the cap payroll including the bonuses for those 19 players so far.

Take out bonuses it's at 51.6m by the looks of it.

I'd assume our internal budget would factor in bonuses though as if everyone hits their's that would be what, another 2m or something? [assuming Teemu's bonus was around 1.25m again]

I could be doing it wrong though, I was just going by what our cap hit was last year and assuming we wouldn't go above that as we haven't been above that 56m cap hit ever.

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