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Originally Posted by JimmyDarmody View Post
We've been over this. Most players have their height exaggerated, and the Habs as a franchise are no exception.
Only some of the smallest players have their height exaggerated (such as Gionta and St-Louis). That's about it.

This "NHL teams make their players tell hurrrr durr" statement is just a myth. For example, Mike Richards is listed as 6'0'' on some websites, but on the Flyers' official website he's 5'11''. They could've added the inch to the guy, though, no?

You have no proof to your statement. I'm a legit 189cm/6'2.5'' guy, and I can guarantee you that when I first met Travis Moen when he first signed (who's listed as 6'2'' and, by accident, looks as tall as Lars Eller on the ice nowadays), he was as tall as I was. Same deal with Alexandre Picard, which I got to see this season. He's listed at 6'3'' and the addition inch he had over me was visible and legit in real life.

Seems like some people people feel better about themselves, thinking the NHL players as they are listed aren't as tall in reality, obviously having a height complex themselves.

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