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Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
That's semms very plausible, however we would not know if he had used an interpreter as Bob did.

Also, Z was not a "fresh of the boat" kind of guy, so he had to take ownership of learning the language of his employer and making sure that he understands instructions.

Having worked for American employers from almost day 1 of my imigration and having valued an opportunity to hold a job/ jobs I consider his misinterpretations of communications or lack of understanding (after 4 years in the USA) as unprofessional approach to his job.
Some people are able to pick up languages and others aren't. My first language was Greek but I can't spit out 2 words together anymore so when I am around people who primarily speak Greek, I clam up. With me, at least it was my first language so if I had to pick it up again but if I were forced to learn it as an adult, it would be really hard.

I'm saying this as someone that didn't want him on the team, just so you know.

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