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10-22-2003, 05:56 AM
Bob Bastards
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Every freaking post with a "Trade Comrie for XXX" begin to make me sick...

First why on earth do we want yet another small forward? Tell me, please!

Second, Comrie a proven 30 goal scorer? I did it one time, playing on the first line in Edmonton, with Ryan Smith and Anson Carter. We make Rib play with Sylvain Blouin, Gordie Dwyer and Randy McKay and we wonder why he did not start to play at is level.

Third, everybody saying that Comrie is a go to guy, a clutch player and a superb goal scorer. So why on earth do you want to trade him? I don't like Edmonton? Too much PRESSURE? What it will be in Montreal, the capital of nuclear hockey inferno? Will he start to cry on the ice? Is it because he want to much money? Sorry we are already overloaded with overpay vet so no tanks for another one. If I have a 23 year old kid who is that good, I will not trade him. I keep it. It sound like used car salesman pitch...

Forth, he look to me as a whiner. "No I don't want to play here. I want to be trade. Blah, Blah, Blah" No thanks, I will pass.

Bottom line I don't know why people want to have him. I really don't get it. For 3 years now, we try to have a bigger team and yet people want to trade for another smurf. Goddamnit, what do you want at the end? You really think BG will trade a small center, with no notion of defense for a kid that start showing flash of what we want from him, after only 6 game?

I am sick of those threat. You have to stop wonder why people think Habs fans are stupid, with all the stupidity some of us wrote sometime.


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