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07-28-2011, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by FinnishFury View Post
I hate this mentality of people being happy about having a poor season. I'd rather watch a good Ducks game, than a good Ducks draft this season. The Ducks don't have a horrible team. Throw in a healthy Hiller comeback year, and some playoff magic it could actually turn into a really good season. Sure it's wishful thinking, but I'd rather see Selanne raise a cup in his last season as opposed to the Ducks collecting a couple extra prospects.
I hate to think that way but bargain bob has clearly showed us what they think of this team. Does literally nothing in free agency and trades for a 3rd liner and exchanges 6th-7th Dman. Nothing great about that and with having to wait and rely on Teemu means that we aren't going to have a stellar team. I am not saying we are going to be a bottom dweller but I am saying that having the option to trade players on the last year of a contract is a good fall back plan and this is the year to have that option as a good thing. I would love to see us be a cup contender this season but at the same time i am a realist and I realize that we had a team that overachieved last season and still got rocked by Nashville in the playoffs.

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