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10-22-2003, 06:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Der Schweinehund
If there is a "somewhere else" for Jagr, then why wouldn't the Caps deal him there directly?

Additionally, the market value for Jagr is supposedly nothing - more or less they are looking to someone (Rangers) to take on the salary. Then essentially, we trade Beech, Sivek, and Lupy for nothing.

I am failing to see how this works for the Pens...
I don't think anything works in the favor of the Penguins. And, I'd like to modify the rumor a little as it is alleged that George McPhee was calling everyone, and it turns out that it was just the Penguins.
And that it was Glen Sather who leaked the information to the media this summer that Jagr was being shop.
It is a supposed to be a payback, by Sather, to (McPhee) for lying to him when he inquired about the original Jagr trade to Washington.
What really has happened to the $parc is unbelievable. They put together a pretty decent group of players individually but they mesh like oil and water. The old clique, the new clique and the Euros and one of the dumbest GM's in the league.

Leonsis is trying to cut their present budget by $10 million and has been AwOL.
Jagr's brooding and being shopped and there are no buyers.
Lang is being shopped and he is at present their best player.
Kolzig is stinking up the house.
Bondra has been rumored to be traded for three years now.
And their team chemistry has to be one of the worst in the NHL. Comparable to the RAG$.

It all comes down to a person (Leonsis) with a lot of money putting it into the hands of GM who has no friggin clue. This team has enough talent to turn it around but it probably would take a weeks worth of continous enemas!

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