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10-22-2003, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Der Schweinehund
If there is a "somewhere else" for Jagr, then why wouldn't the Caps deal him there directly?
Additionally, the market value for Jagr is supposedly nothing - more or less they are looking to someone (Rangers) to take on the salary. Then essentially, we trade Beech, Sivek, and Lupy for nothing.
I am failing to see how this works for the Pens...

Me too. Keep in mind also, that CP traded Jags to the Caps EVEN THOUGH Jags wanted to play for the Rags. In spite of this, the deal was done with the CAPS. Quite a parting shot by PENS mgmt. I remember Jags saying something along the lines of "I was surprised I ended up in Wash instead of NY."

Given that, why would the mgmt. that shipped him to the Caps bring him back?

This rumor is bunk, pure and simple. Probably started by Caps fans who are desperate to rid themselves of the cancer Jags has become. Sorry Caps fans, you're stuck with him and (we told you so!).

They can have Be-atch, Sivek and Lupy back if they want....for FREE!!

One thing is for sure. The Caps will get the short end of the stick if they try and move Jags. Jags problems are 2 fold. He's waaaaay overpaid and he's a headcase. No team wants a headcase, no matter what the cost. The Caps should trade Jags to the Panthers and let Keenan get ahold of him. That would either fix his attitude OR run him right outta the NHL. IMHO, the money isn't the problem, it's JAGS attitude!!


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