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Originally Posted by crystal ball View Post
Mike McPhee! And I loved Roy. For the guy who called him a traitorous piece of garbage, while listing Ken Dryden as his favourite, I guess you forgot Dryden walked out on the team for an entire season while in a contract dispute with Pollock?
Dryden held out, he did not publicly humiliate the organization, force a trade, and leave the team in a lurch for decades after. He felt he wasn't getting what he deserved, held out, and finished his education in order to prepare himself for a life after hockey. When you consider how poorly players were paid in the 70's and 80's, no I do not blame him.

Roy publicly humiliated the organization and made certain that any trade would be one sided against us since everyone knew he would never play for us again. Also, Roy threw a temper tantrum because his GAA was going to be negatively effected by being left in a game where the team was being blown out. In other words, he was pissed because his personal statistics were going to be damaged and he wanted the stats for himself. I guess he forgot he was paid to play goalie, even if his team is getting blown out.

Roy makes me sick to my stomach. When you see how his sons comport themselves on the ice, I can see no reason to change my opinion of the traitorous piece of garbage as I see him.

There is no comparison between Dryden and Roy's situations. That would be a "no" about forgetting something, by the way.

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