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07-28-2011, 06:58 PM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
The good news is that next year we'll likely draft a forward and they will likely draft a defenseman.

Add another guy like another set of Miller and Fogarty, while the Isles are trying to rebuild their defense corps (still will be inferior to what we got), and all of a sudden, I think we have the better group of forwards.

If the Islanders had drafted Larsson, as they wanted to until the Debbies won the lottery to swoop him, I think the Rangers would have the stronger set of forwards. As it is, I think the Isles are slightly stronger.

Also, if either Wolski or Zuccarello prove to be second liners, and either McColgan or St. Croix have a great offensive season in juniors, it will be big for us.
Depends who pans out. If Strome and Nino pan out, and Grabner proves not to be a flash in the pan, they definitely have the more potent offense. Tavares is underrated because he's on the Islanders but he easily has 40 goal, 80+ point potential. Strome is the dynamic player they've been missing for a while, and Nino's a truck. Moulson's a good complementary player but i'm not that worried about him, I like Dubi/Cally more than a Moulson/Okposo pairing. It'll be the JT-Strome-Nino-Grabner(?) group that makes them better than us offensively. To be perfectly honest, if they didn't have JT I wouldn't even be that frightened of their group, JT is the real deal.

However, our defense is very young and way better than theirs. Hank is getting older but he is and will be a top 3 goalie in the league for years to come, while the Islanders don't have anything near that. We also have somebody who knows what a bottom 6 is and has the means to go out and a get a guy like Fedotenko. If the reports on Yashin actually come to fruition, you realize yet again their management is a joke.

I think they'll have the better offense, we'll be the better team.

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