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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
For the original poster .... I'm 43 and still play. I play in a pretty competetive men's league which features some ex ECHL players as well as college etc. We're all old so that helps haha. I also try to play in pickup games often with lesser talents mainly just to get a skating workout and just to work on forechecking and stealing pucks.

But seriously ... ride a bike. Helps to keep stamina and instead of doing exercises for leg muscle size like weights do ones with less weight and more reps to get them stronger and more flexable. CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO. Anything that gets your heart rate up for exercise is absolutely the most important thing you can do probably for any age.

I had a partial bicep tendon tear a year and half ago and what struck me was it happened doing something I've done millions of times playing which was to go into the corner and wrap my stick around my player I was covering with one hand and using the other to hold the guy there. Well he decided to take off just as I got there and I hyperextended my arm and felt my bicep pop. it looks pretty gruesome and took a while to heal and I opted not to have surgery mainly because of my age. The doctor explained to me I had that option and it was prefernce. he said if used it in sport to make a living then I should.

Anyway it heled up and I can still shoot the same as always. I make sure to weight lift everyday and use low weight and do a lot of reps. The point I am making is that 10 years ago the same exact thing would not have resulted in an injury. I am convinced of that, when you get old you are more injury prone. The longer they take to heal also so stay loose.

For the legs I watched a video on the Bruins website once of bergeron's routine he does. One of the things I found useful was a type of squat that isn't a squat really. I'll try to describe it and i hope you can visualize it.

Basically you make a stance similar to what you would do skating but instead you pump one leg several times behind you holding a small weight in your arms and just do as many reps as it takes to feel a good burn alternating each leg. The key to it though is have the weight on that legt and not on the one you are not using, the natural tendency is to cheat with the leg you are not using which defeats the exercise.

He said it strengthens your groin muscles, hamstring as well as your knees. He said he did something like a couple hundred a day at home.

I still have good zip when skating but as you are getting old and you do slow down and it is out your control. You can work out as much as you like but you will never be young again period so don't set high expectations.

Adjust and play with people your age. I did switch to playing defense a couple of years ago from playing forward for 35 years or so. It was a good change of scenery and easier to conserve energy during game if you play with guys who know how to play.

Anyway hope that helps.

Dude, where have you been?

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