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Originally Posted by the vinyl version View Post
Hey, thanks for the reply.
Were you required to submit a letter of intent and/or a resume with your application? Did they interview you before you were accepted? Do find you're treated the same as the regular straight out of high school students?
I also wasn't required to hand in a letter of intent or resume, or maybe they're going to ask for one after they look over everything since I'm only going to be accepted in the Winter. They need to accept a certain amount of Mature Students to meet their quota so I think grades are what matters most to them.

They treat you pretty well, I can't tell you if it's different from other students but usually they're very helpful, it also depends on the person, some are just bitter.

Before I applied I was a welder for 2.5-3 years and have a DEP in Welding Assembly and a Specialized certificate in Pipe Welding, I originally wanted to go into Engineering and it was disappointing they wouldn't credit any of my experience/education, but I can't blame them. Some people coast through trade schools, and some like me actually learn the material. They're a business and they make money off students so they tell them to take more courses.

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