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07-29-2011, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Muh View Post
Now that it was put that way by Jbuds (who introduced me to Hfboards), I couldn't agree more. As annoying as dumb callers may be on sports radio (or anywhere else for that matter), its still something we all listen to for the sake of argument.

Hockey is something that I wish was talked about more in NY, but until we become legit contenders, it wont be. I remember listening to the few minutes Wfan gave hockey while we were in the playoffs, but as bad as it was, it was something I would still listen to.

Boomer would love to talk hockey, but Carton cuts him off every time. And I love Somers and his monotone voice.
That's what I remember, too. Even Francesa gave it some time. I truly think that ANY hockey talk on the radio or on TV is a good thing, local and national levels the same.

If the Rangers make a run? I would ADORE the radio if it were oversaturated with Rangers callers of ANY knowledge level. Again - simply to hear hockey talk would be welcomed IMO

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