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07-29-2011, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Stonehands77 View Post
I'm sorry, but what's been wrong with Jeffrey Lurie? I mean it was so horrible how he revived this team from the dead after Norman Braman did his best to kill it. And they've only had arguably the most successful run in Eagles' history under his guidance (no title, but a longer period of sustained success than they've ever had). So what exactly is wrong with him?

Andy...I'm not sure. He's the best coach in Eagles' history, without question. Does he do a lot of stupid things? Yes. I'd argue there are ZERO coaches in the NFL who do not do stupid things. Even the great Belicheck has gotten crucified up here at times for being stupid. I get incredibly frustrated with Andy, but I also appreciate how good he is considering how bad it's gotten (Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes say hi!). I will say this year is a make or break year for him, I think. His hiring Juan Castillo for DC will decide how much longer his tenure is, I think.

Joe Banner is a heel. That's his job. He's not supposed to be cuddly and lovable. He's the business guy, who's job is to make sure that the numbers add up and that they don't overspend. Of course fans will hate him. I can only say that thanks to him the Eagles are a franchise that has flourished financially, and that's allowed them to continually be competitive.

I guess I just don't get the hate for all these guys. Maybe it's perspective, or just me mellowing as I get older.
Well said. My respect for Reid has grown tenfold after he finally got the balls to get rid of McNabb.

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