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07-29-2011, 07:52 AM
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there is without a doubt a 100% chance a trade will go down, and b/c of the cap, it must be done.. we cant go out and sign 5 guys at 2 mill to fill the cap, we dont have roster spaces for 5 players.. it has to be 1 big trade with 1 big salary coming to us, and not even the vote's results can affect this trade b/c the nhl will force them to make the move to reach the floor if they have to... prospects will have to go , draft picks will have to go and someone on this roster will have to go.. if the league knows we are holding off on a deal that gets us to the cap floor, you can surely bet they will step in and force the trade to happen.. they will envoke the same clause as the ziggy to the rangers rule.. you need to take the players back and not just cash,.., just opposite of it.. you need to take the cash back to follow our rules...

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