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07-29-2011, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by enigmatic View Post
"....and with the 4th pick in the NHL draft, the NY Islanders Select...."

No thank you....I want to make the for a 27-28 year old dman in his prime with bailey/comeau and de haan going the other way will not set this franchise back IMO
This team cannot afford to not make the playoffs for much longer. And be careful, Nathan Mackinnon is draft eligible in 2013. So it's only a matter of time before the tank talk starts again.

Bottom line, you're absolutely right, this team has to make an aggressive step forward immediately. Yeah, sometimes it sucks to see prospects go, but you can't hold onto them for dear life. Islander fans really need to stop feeling sorry for themselves, and they have to stop fearng that every time a prospect is traded, it's a "Milbury move" - That's nonsense. Milbury was emotional and irresponsible. He was a horrible business man. If we trade the likes of Bailey, Comeau, de Haan, Rhakshani, or several other prospects, it will be a trade to improve the team as it is, not so much a cornerstone trade like the ones that Milbury tried. Milbury tried to build the team around Trevor Linden without a nucleus. He tried to build from the goaltender out, which is a HORRIBLE idea, and only a few goaltenders in history have been successful on the strength of their goaltending, namely Patrick Roy. So he tried to build around Felix Potvin after the Trevor Linden experiment failed. Then he tried to krazy glue young vets in 2001, and that success was extremely short-lived. Milbury was horrible. Garth seems to have a better handle on things.

If there is a trade brewing, it's going to be for a player to add to and compliment our nucleus. So there really is no Milbury comparison.

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