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Originally Posted by philly_28 View Post
I don't think you really can "decide" who you root for.

Just watch a few Packers games and a few Eagles games. After a while you'll just know which team is yours.
Good point. However, I have been watching football for years without a real "rooting" interest, I have cheered for Ray Lewis, Peyton Manning, LT, Barry Sanders, Kurt Warner/Faulk, etc, etc. The problem is, I am used to being a die hard Flyers fan, it is about the crest in the front not the names in the back. So, should I be a Colts fan because I like Peyton Manning? I am questioning, not preaching.

So, my approach is to research the teams (philosophy, history, building, city, atmosphere, future, current players, etc). Plus, if I pick a team, it would be nice to follow them from training camp, pay attention to free agent signings, know all the players. IE. my brothers a huge Flyers fan. His next door neighboor is a Flyers fan. He came over to watch a game a couple of times and asked questions like "whose in net"? We answer, Boucher. He says, "I didn't know he was playing for the Flyers again". Fair enough, understandable, except of course this was a playoff game and Boucher had been on the Flyers for a couple of years and starting most of the current year, so clearly.....he is not a fan. So, if I'm going to pick a team, and claim to be a fan, I want to dive in and know who the O-line is, who plays RCB and Safety, not just the QB and RB + big names.

Kind of enjoying the process.

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