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07-29-2011, 09:41 AM
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Well, on the plus side, they seem to have the largest selection, competitive pricing, lots of sales/promo codes, etc., an easy-to-use website, and they're definitely legit.

HOWEVER, I am reluctant to shop HM again after the experience I had last December. The Eagle X72 gloves went on the Daily Deal sale for $99. I'd been checking them out anyway, wanting to try some gloves with mesh gussets, so I told my wife they'd make a great Xmas present, esp. at the reduced price. Didn't care too much about color, just wanted something tame (black, navy) and mesh gussets, so I gave her two or three color numbers that I might like.

She places an order. They call her a few days later and say, we don't have them in the color you ordered, can we send you the gloves in black instead? She checks with me and then tells them, sure, as long as they are the same. Salesperson assures her that they are.

Fast-forward 3 weeks to Christmas day... I open the gloves and, whadda ya know, no mesh gussets. So, I was disappointed, my wife was embarrassed... I call Hockey Monkey to see about exchanging them. First they tell me the gloves are a clearance item and can't be returned for any reason. I say, you didn't send me what was ordered. They say, your wife approved the change. I say, she was told the gloves were the same and they aren't. The manager ends up on the phone with me and explains that what I received were also Eagle X72 gloves form the same model year so they are the same. I point out to her that what we ordered and what we received are listed separately under two different SKU numbers on the web site. If that's the case, how can they be considered the same item? She tells me that they are both the current X72 glove, so they must be the same.

It just so happened that the pair they sent us was the last pair of its kind and that item now showed as "out of stock" on the website. So, basically, they baited with the daily deal by offering the sale price on gloves that were not actually available and switched to get rid of dwindling stock.

They eventually agreed to a return but wanted to charge a restock fee AND charge the non-sale price for the replacement pair of gloves. I said no way. Ultimately, I did end up getting the gloves I ordered but it took several days of persistence and frustrating conversations with HM staff. I had to pay to ship them back and pay to ship the replacement pair to me.

Overall, it was such a negative experience that I almost came on here and ranted about it, and that's something I've never in my life bothered doing (until now I guess). I have passed on several tempting good deals from HM since then simply because I just don't want to support them and take the risk of another fiasco.

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