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10-22-2003, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
Mind you, he does have some assets. Good team player, really physical, hits like a truck, and can chuck knuckles when need be.

I guess I am on the fence in regards to Gauthier. I neither love him, nor hate him. Some disregard the significance of the +/- stat, but when he was the only plus player on the team last year, that brings significance of its own. You can't deny his bone crushing hits in open ice make the opposition think twice about charging up the middle. Sure, he takes himself out of position SOMETIMES, which may result in coughing up a scoring chance, but you can't say he does it all the time, or he wouldn't be a plus player. You can complain about his offensive contribution (or lack thereof), but we all know that is not what he was brought in for, and there are a number of "offensively gifted" players on the Flames that I would complain about with regards to production before Gauthier.

It looks like, so far, I have talked myself into keeping him... however for the team to make a move to improve itself offensively, I believe we have to deal in an area we are strong, and we have an abundance of stay at home defence men. No, I am not saying that Commodore, Wallin, Montador would easily replace Gauthier, but by bringing one of them into the top six, and by slightly increasing the ice time of the top 4 defence men, the pain of losing him could be numbed. In my mind, if we need to move a d-man, it makes sense for it to be Gauthier.

I also believe in buy low sell high. There is perceived value around the league for Gauthier, so if the price is right ( I am not even going to attempt to make a proposal, since I suck at estimating trade value. ) I say make the deal.

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