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Originally Posted by Less Habitats View Post
Oh great, now our players are wasting their time getting married and going to weddings to get drunk and dance instead of training twice a day for our entertainment.
Good one Habitats...!

I love Max the Hab. I am really really not comfortable looking at his personal life, at all. I just don't care also, as long he's happy and healthy and scoring goals.

Guess what? I don't want anyone looking at my personal life also.

In the Seventies we knew NOTHING about Habs off the Forum Ice, and you know what? We liked it that way. But then Montreal had class then.

We used to see Jacques Lemaire at our local Italian resto all the time, and nobody, I mean nobody, talked to him. Ever. Including children. Not one autograph in that resto in 3 years. We left him alone, he left us alone, and then we loved him at the Forum. That is the way.

Further: I find anyone over 8 years old asking for an autograph, anywhere, including the Bell, incredibly cringing. Creeeeeepy!

I don't really like this whole thread, I don't think we should be doing this.

I don't want to know about Max's personal life. I have zero interest, and I find it creepy that anybody does.

Very creepy. And I bet big time the players don't like this sort of attention, and I think it affects the way they live here, watched, all the time. Approached by adult strangers, in public, people who do not even know them. EWWWW. Gross. Sorry, but true. Think about that the next time you hang around the Bell garage and talk to players that you are not friends with, and have no business relationship with.

Would you talk to people you did not know on the street this way? It's creepy, and gross. End of.

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