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10-22-2003, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by KL
Dumb move? The players werent listening to him, the team was using weird combos, they were losing left and right. Hartley goes, and suddenly players who had been underachieving started scoring goals.
Might be happening to Granato, too. He sure was making some funky line combinations last night, so many that I can't even remember them. I just remember McAllister being on a skill line more than once. It seems like if anyone is panicking, it's Granato. If he would pay more attention to matchups and line changes, things will probably work themselves out, and he wouldn't need to go nuts with weird combinations. This team has so many new players that it seems paramount to let the lines get some cohesiveness and chemistry, and not tinker around so much when other areas of coaching need more attention, like...the basics.

Also, it should be said the Bruins played a hell of a game last night, and Potvin was pretty great. The Avs probably lose that one even if they play well.

EDIT: And while Skoula was wholly awful last night, I don't think you can get on him too much for Samsonov's undressing of him on the breakaway. Not many players would have stopped him, and he did at least steer him to the outside, even if he had to go to his belly to do it. :p But his passing last night was absoultely brutal.

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