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10-22-2003, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Blitzkrieg, I did not mean that as a criticism of your point, hope you didn't take it as such. The original post in this thread was just a bit over the top as far as over-reacting, IMO.

Heck, the game was too open by Stirling hockey standards! Getting to the point where I'm disappointed if the opposition gets more than 20 shots on goal.
couldn't disagree more. why is that over the top? pointing out snow's constant inconsistency is over the top? the fact of the matter is this: snow let's in a bad goal per game it seems (going back to last season) and this is not the type of team that can overcome one of those per game. he has no puckhandling skills whatsoever yet continues to pretend as though he does. over the top? no way.

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