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07-29-2011, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
Oh, like every first game you join in Black Ops is in progress, your team is getting crushed. There are also enemy dogs, chopper gunner and everything else coming at you. I prefer to start every game new. Quitting in COD is way worse than Halo because you will be now be allowed to play match making for a period of time if you quit too much in Reach.
Every game? most games I join in progress are under 1k score if its tdm and I guess, personally Im pretty good at the game often when I join and were getting crushed I like the challenge of bringing my team back to compete.

The only bad part of people quitting in cod is when the host quits which sucks but 9 times out of 10 takes less then 30 seconds and your back at it(and theres a good chance you could end up with host ).

Ive played all these games pretty extensively except reach, which I only really hit hard until blackops came out.

They had to institute the punishment in halo because like I already stated its a total waste of time when two or more opponents quit, they could fix it easy by letting players join in progress.

Again this is just my opinion but really would it effect the big picture in anything but a positive way?

I like to stay objective with these sorts of discussions I played the **** out of H2 and loved it I hope the next installment of this game competes better with the cod franchise the same way I hope bf3 gives them a run for there money.

Originally Posted by Rob Brown View Post
I pretty much just play Team Deathmatch with my roommates so every time that's happened I've just put on a crazy streak and we come back to win, even when we're down by a lot. If only I could get my roommates to the same level.
Back when we played alot of H2 we used to play matches using nothing but melee and grenades on small maps just to **** with the other team and we didn't lose often. Its funny going to the post game report and seeing your team didn't fire any bullets and still won.

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