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07-29-2011, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
I know they need a linebacker, but they always need a linebacker haha. I mean their mentality towards the position may have changed with the coordinator, but I don't see them bringing in an impact guy. Their record has shown that they're comfortable going with average players at that position. Unless they really have changed their minds on the position, which is possible. Reid did do a 180 on the WR position.

Edit: Can you reply with a post that uses the word "position" more than I just did ha
Position eh? I'll give it a go.
Obviously an impact linebacker would be nice, but Andy has no track record for that.
Stewart Bradley could've helped change Reid's position on that position, but he didn't pan out.
I think they'll just go with who they have at that position and maybe add a journeyman.
That's not to say they won't possibly sign someone of stature, but I doubt it.
It would have to be someone that's not looking for a lot of cash.
Or someone they can acquire in a trade that would take cash off the Eagles books.
Nobody I know comes to mind at that position.

How'd I do?

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