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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
They're going to have to cut Jackson or Asante to fit Asomugha, and Aso isn't such a huge upgrade of Asante to make them suddenly the team to beat in the NFC.
Cut DeSean Jackson? I can't even respond to that as it's a completely ridiculous thought. Asante won't be cut either, they can get a first rounder for him probably.

Originally Posted by NYGBleedBlueNYR View Post
I'll agree that right now phi>NYG & maybe phi>>NYG


Let's see Vick do it again before comparing them to GB. I think he's got WAY better chance to get worse than better this season.

On paper phi look amazing but I just don't trust it for some reason. They kinda remind me of the Cowboys(in last 5yrs) where I just don't think they'll put it all together when it counts.
Probably wishful thinking. PHI-GB was basically the NFCCG last year in my opinion. Vick was terrific in Reid's offense and even if he does stumble, Young is a capable QB that Reid will coach up. The Eagles aren't a team of has beens or overrated players (Romo, Owens, Williams), they're VERY young and very talented with few holes. LB is a big question mark for both the Eagles and Giants. Justice may not be able to hold up at RT. Other than that, the Eagles are pretty much set.

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