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10-22-2003, 07:55 AM
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Daddy Lindros gets involved.....

Just wanted to add alittle tidbit on the Lindros front.

My friend is an X-RAY tech here in the city and some of his co-workers are the ones who work MSG for the games.

He said that they did the X-RAY and it showed the sprain but that it was a very minor one, something that doesn't warrant close to being out a month and supposively this was said by Feldman but that Carl Lindros felt differently and was going more towards being out the month as oppossed to a shorter period of time.

He said his coworker even said voices started getting raised b/w Feldman and Carl Lindros.

Hopefully the injury isn't that major and he can get back in 2 weeks as oppossed to 4 and I don't think it's that big a deal with Daddy Lindros getting involved.We'll see how it plays out but being that Eric is paid on a per game basis as well as him having to have a monster yr to secure his next contract wherever it may be.

Just wanted to throw it out there and guys can take it for what they want but just as I had posted about Bure 2 days before the papers did about what happened at Feldmans as well as posting about Leetchs setback last week and how Feldman said it would be another month 2 days before the papers reported it so do with it what you will but the story is legit not that it's a big deal.

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