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07-30-2011, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
I hear you - and frankly, I was on the fence about that.

Here's my rationale as to why I went with Thomas:

1) There's an outside chance Thomas might make the team THIS year and simply carry over. At the very least, I think think he is going to come in to the AHL at the end of his OHL year this year and make his mark. Either way, he will have had time with the organization's coaches during the camps every year since his draft and will actually have played under them multiple times even before going into camp in 2012; whereas Kreider will be coming in completely fresh due to the NCAA eligibility rules.

2) I think Thomas is going to come in to camp next year and simply start scoring. And in so doing, will force the team to keep him.

3) Perhaps most importantly, I DO see the team going after Parise. So, if they get him, the roster next year going into camp looks like...


... then, Thomas has a natural advantage, because the need is right wing, not left.

Regardless, if it's Kreider instead of Thomas, the numbers still work, because you simply take some of the extra out of my "odds and ends" segment (which was goosed in part to allow for calling Kreider up in season) and perhaps sign a cheaper backup goalie. Bingo - you have the same amount of room.

(Heck, who knows, Fasth might blow the team away and get picked over both of them!)
Lundmark scored a bunch of goals one training camp but simply wasn't ready--as far as strength or defensive awareness. Thomas seems like a player--just because of the unlikelihood that he's going to get much bigger--who is going to have to get stronger in order to make it. Kreider on the other hand--is not as naturally as gifted as a goal scorer but physically is a beast and going to get even stronger--if not better in other areas. Chris could play in the NHL right now--though I'd imagine he'd be bottom 6 at this point in time.

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